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Guild Charter

Illy / Feb 17, 2014
We expect you to come to the raid optimized with the best gems, enchants, food, flasks and runes that gold can buy.

We also expect you to do your own research on the coming fights before we get there.

We expect you to sign up via the calender in-game ahead of time, should you decline a raid we need to know it at least 24 hours before the raid and a reason for it posted on the forums in the AFK-thread.

We also expect you to be online at least 15 minutes prior to raid start, so that we can actually be inside the instance and ready to go at 20:00.

We run with lootcouncil, when we hand out loot we base it upon your attendance and performance and whether the piece of loot is in your BiS-list and how big of an upgrade it is for the viable player(s). We hand it out in a way that we believe benefits the guild the most.

If you have concerns about any decision made during a raid refrain from bringing it up in the middle of the raid as to not waste everyones time, we’ll gladly discuss it with you once the raid is over.

Failing to abide by the rules can result in a loot-ban OR that we bench you OR a termination of your position as a raider.

Failing to abide by the rules can include but is not limited to;

* Signing up as tentative.
* Declining a raid for no reason.
* Failing to do your own research for an encounter.
* Being a prick.
* Being a drama-queen regarding loot.
* Not accepting the bench if the raid require it.
* Not answering the calendar at all.
* Being a no-show.
* Failing to inform us via the AFK-thread in the forums why you have declined.

We are raiding 3 days a week. When you joined this guild you automatically agreed to be here for that. Which means that we expect attendance to be very high. In order to get on the level that we want to be, we need people to be dedicated, there will be no special snow-flakes, and if one should show up, first thing I'll do is to fire up the flamethrower.

We understand that life can give you grapes, lemons and shit and we’re open for discussion, but we do not buy burning fish-tank stories as we expect you to plan your day around the raid.

The rules is subject to change if required later on to tackle or address future issues.


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